The love and passion towards movies that connects us. Our motivation is to describe well a breath-taking story and generate deep emotions by fantastic visual notions. Unique, and often not-everyday-stories are built to each authentic video footage.


Visual persuasion is critically influential in everyone. Therefore, we design an extensive range of different visual globes that is either programmatic, animated or generated. With this new context, our vision enables the viewer to enhance a different experience and enjoy various attractions in different elements.

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Centrum Production was founded by years of practice to cultivate consistent crafts. The vision of expertise specialised in two faculties, which are cinematography and visual animation. Over the past 10 years, we’ve been fortunate to pursue inspirational and state-of-the-art visual storytelling projects, filled with top notch challenges and proficient competences. 

A deep knowledge and strong passion towards our creative sight describeswell our youthful, charming and dedicated team. We understand our beloved customers’ vision and their core objectives which are strongly aligned with Centrum Production’s first-hand mission and expertise. Our major focus is set to satisfy and amuse our customer needs. For this, the team contributes by the most modern trends and creative schemes.

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